Aarnikota - Perfect place to stop for a black pot coffee

Aarnikota is a small and traditional Laplander’s hut in Aarniluosto 1.5 km from Luosto centre. You can visit in Aarnikota while hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, and it is reachable also by car. During the day feel free to drop by for some creps or black pot coffee. We offer beverages for adults and for children as well.

Aarnikota for groups

Heart of Aarnikota is an open fire pit that can accommodate 25 people around it to enjoy the atmosphere. When the weather allowes you can sit outside and admire the beautiful Ukkoluosto fell or watch some Siberian Jays. Aarnikota is also a perfect place to spot the northern lights assuming they are willing to appear. In the evening Aarnikota is open by request for groups up to 25 persons.

Heating up and preparing the premises for groups is 150€/3hours. After 3 hours we charge 60€/hour. All prices inlude VAT.

All menus include black pot coffee or tea and water.


Menu Aarni
Mushroom soup
Blazed salmon, fingerling potatoes and horseradish-crème fraiche
Crepes, jam and whipped cream

Menu Jänkä
Lappish Plank-selection of local specialities
Grilled reindeer roast beef, roasted root vegetables and Morel mushroom sauce
Caramelized apples, oat crumble and vanilla ice cream

Buffet from open fire - Chill and eat

Lappish pan
Reindeer sausages, root vegetables, roasted pork belly and fingerling potatoes. On the side horseradish creme fraiche, pickled cucumbers and lingonberries.
20 € / hlö

Northern Paella
Reindeer-chorizoa, arctic char, mussels, hand peeled prawns and seasonal vegetables. Made from the one and only Paella rice, Bomba!
30 € / hlö

Sauteed Reindeer
The most traditional food from finnish lapland. Sauteèd reindeer, mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumbers. A Classic!
30 € / hlö