Arctic Academy

Artic Academy arranges Northern Lights programmes for groups in Luosto, Pyhä and elsewhere in Lapland. The easy-to-follow visual information lecture about Northern Lights by Arctic Academy, is a key to successful observation and watching of Nature's most beautiful color spectacle, both if you do it on your own or guided by the local safari companies.

The contents of the programmes are created by the aurora scientist, space physicist Esa Turunen, who spent thousands of nights himself photographing and shooting the videos of Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland and specially at Luosto. He is still active in scientific research, too.

Luosto and Pyhä appear as excellent bases in Lapland for observing the Northern Lights. This is due to their geographic locations at the southern edge of the auroral oval, general lack of light pollution (except just near the ski slopes) and easy reachable spots for observation of the lights.

The crown of Northern Lights
The crown (or corona in latin) is the most beautiful form of Aurora Borealis


Secret of the Northern Lights