Luosto Ski Resort

Ski Resort
8 slopes and Snow Park
2 T-Bar Lifts
1 Button Lift
Magic Carpet
Sledging Hill

Lapland Ski Resort Luosto

In Luosto Ski Resort you have the choice between nine slopes and famous powder runs. The slopes are particularly suitable for those who enjoy a relaxed pace. Two T'bar's, Platter lift and a Magic Carpet takes you to enjoy the one of the Finland's most legendary Ski Resort. From the Family Slopes-area you'll find also a Snow Tubing and Tobogganing tracks and Mini Park for the youngest heroes. Bigger Snow Park offers three jumps and several rails and boxes.

In Luosto ski resort, you will have the choice between seven slopes and powder snow runs. The slopes are particularly suitable for those who enjoy a relaxed pace. All slope activities conveniently revolve around the slope restaurant. Early in the season, the action focuses on the slope areas served by the Kantahissi and Perhehissi lifts. The Kantakierto slope offers the skier the longest run – nearly a kilometre and a half amid magnificent scenery. You can keep an eye on what is happening on the street and children’s tobogganing slope from the slope restaurant. During family weeks, organised activities are offered on the Kantarinne slope. If you are looking for a challenge, you will find it on Kilparinne and Aurinkorinne slopes. At the bottom station of the Aurinkohissi lift, you can enjoy your own snacks at the Nunnukka Lappish hut.

Tracks & slopes;

7 slopes and connecting routes - 3 lifts

Run lengths 400-1,500 m

Height differences 60-225 m

Total distance of maintained slopes approx. 7 km

Lift capacity 2,500 persons/hr

1 Ski pass, 3 Resorts! With a valid Luosto ski pass you can also enjoy the slopes at Olos and Pallas without any extra charge. Includes all pass types.

Cross-country skiing; For cross-country skiers, Luosto has 150 km of maintained tracks. Tracks that will take you around the fell start right at Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi’s log cabins. Pyhä-Luosto offers tracks for both traditional and skating-style skiing. A track connecting Luosto to Pyhä via Kopara will also be kept open.

Ski Resort
8 slopes and Snow Park
2 T-Bar Lifts
1 Button Lift
Magic Carpet
Sledging and Snow Tubing

Sustainability in slope services

Looking after our customers

In terms of slope services, the safety of our customers is safeguarded by our employees, who attend annual safety training. We develop our snow and slope safety continuously. On the slopes, our customers’ safety is ensured by safety instructions and signs.

Balanced relationship with nature

As our ski slope services operate in extremely sensitive natural surroundings, the significance of sustainable operations is emphasised. The fuels and lubricants we use are the most environmentally friendly options available. We use oil separation equipment and oil-free air compressors in our snowmaking operations. We optimise the runs using our snow groomers and minimise the use of lights on the slopes. In addition, we participate in the Green DMN and Motiva’s Energy-Efficient ski centre projects.

We support the circular economy by recycling all machines and snowmobiles, textiles used at our hotels, furniture and work clothes.

Slopes and Ski lifts

Slopes: 9 slopes and connecting routes

Lifts: 2 T-bars, 1 platter and a Magic Carpet

Slopes run lengths: 400-1,500 m

Height difference:s 60-225 m

Total distance of maintained slopes: approx. 9 km

Lift capacity: 2,500 persons/hr

Cross Country tracks: 150km