Reindeer Race 2019

11. — 13.3.2022

Luosto reindeer race

The reindeer races are a colorful and speedy competition that is also an essential part of the northern reindeer culture. Reindeer races have been held in Finland from 1932. Today, they are a carefully organized and regulated activity.

The racing reindeer are trained male reindeer. Their well being is in the center of the reindeer competitions. The reindeer are trained systematically by skillful people.

There are maximum of five Reindeer Cup competitions annually and they are monitored and approved by the Reindeer Competition Committee. These competitions are organised by local organisations. The reindeer that collects most of the points during the Reindeer Cup is the Cup-champion. The Finnish competition season ends to the Reindeer Championships where the 24 best reindeer from the Hot series compete.

Welcome to Luosto and witnesses the exciting competition yourself!

Tickets: 10€/person, under 15 years for free.