Luosto-bucket list

You should have on your bucket list:
Lampivaara Amethystmine
Snowshoe route to Torvisen Maja cafe
Pyhä-Luosto national park
Spend night under the arctic sky
Activities you must experience
Feel the peak
Sauna & a dip in the lake

Hello traveller!

Are you planning a trip to Pyhä-Luosto and wan't to to experience the most iconic and beautiful places and activities?

We have made it a little bit easier for you by listing the places and activities for you. Take a look and start crossing them of on your bucket list!

Lampivaara Amethyst mine - only tourist destination in Scandinavia

The Amethyst mine in Lampivaara, located in Luosto, is a unique place to visit in the national park. The sustainable Amethyst mine is possibly the only gemstone mine in the world that welcomes visitors.

The mine at the top of the fell introduces you to the fascinating world of gemstones. You’ll hear stories told for millennia, and get to dig for your own lucky amethyst, that has waited 2000 million years to be found.

Amethyst mine visits are available troughout the year - see more.

Guide e-bike tour to Amethyst mine

Amethyst Mine Tour is available every day from June to September (Tue-Sat in October). There are two guided fat bike tours per day (10:45, 13:45) and during the visit you will hear the stories of geology and history in addition to the properties of the gems and the uses of amethyst.

  • Daily: Two tours/ per day at 10:45 and 13:45
  • Bookings 2 days before
  • Price: 137€/ person

You will ride to the Amethyst mine with a powerful, electrically assisted fatbike. Bliss' guide will take you to the top of Lampivaara fell (small mountain) where you can enjoy the very top view of the area, over the Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

Then you will be seated in wooden shelter, shipping warm berry beverages and listening the facts and fictions of this fascinating purple gem stone.

You can buy this activity online

True winter wonderland experience

If you want to see snow covered trees and majestic views you should try the snow shoe route to Lampivaara cafe. The route is about 4 km long and the route has some uphills.

The best time to go is in January or February.

Take a look at the snowshoe map and see the snoshow rental companies.

Torvisen maja

Torvisen maja, established 1957, is a small and idyllic cafe with no running water or electricity. Enjoy a cup of the tea or coffee,enjoy their home made pastries and just relax in the cosy atmosphere.

Take a look Torvisen maja and see the opening hours.

Pyhä-Luosto national park - must see places

Pyhä-Luosto national park is one the oldest national parks in Finland. The first time a proposal for a national park in the Luosto-Pyhätunturi area was made in 1910. The plan was carried out only in the Pyhätunturi area in 1938, the whole Pyhä-Luosto national park was established 2005.

Pyhä-Luosto national park is ideal for day hikes and up to 1-3 nights, because the area is relatively small, 142 km². However the national park is very rich in flora and fauna - there have been sightings of 128 bird species in Luosto.

We can almost guarantee that during your hike you will encounter Siberian jay, that keeps watch on the branch of a nearby tree to see if you could spare them some of your snack.

Visit picturesque places that were seen as sacred by the Forest Sámi people who used to live here.

Top of Ukkoluosto fell

Ukkoluosto fell is 514 m above sea level and and at the top is the grand, white weather station, the most prominent land mark of Luosto. For summer 2019 the route to the top is under construction, the acces is by an alternative route. See more>>.

Isokuru - deepest ravine in Finland

The magnificent Isokuru ravine is 220 m deep and and at the bottom of the ravine are duckboards that leads to the Pyhänkaste waterfall. Admire the rugged quartzite quarries and scree patches.

Please note: during winter there in no access to Isokuru.

Noitatunturi - highest fell in Pyhä-Luosto

Noitatunturi Fell is 540 metres above sea level. The climb up to the fell, (circle route 14, 5 km) takes about 5-6 hours and is partly challenging route.

Arctic sky wonders

Have you spent a night under the Northern lights or the midnight sun? If not, Pyhä-Luosto offers wide range of possibilities for admiring the arctic sky from the comfort of your bed.

Santa’s Hotel Aurora glass igloos

10 glass igloo rooms are focused on quality and comfort. The decor has charming details such as reindeer skins. All of Santa's Hotels’ glass rooms have fully equipped bathroom, toilet and shower. Just a few steps away from the glass igloos are Santa's Hotel Aurora's other services and the gateway to the national park.

See more>>

Holiday village Asteli Aurora huts and Aurora Suites

Located about 5 kilometer from Pyhä centre are Holiday village cottage-like huts and premium suites.There are 10 en-suite rooms (35 m²) with double bed and sofa for extra beds. A single story house curves slightly with large skylights pointing to the north.

See more>>

Pyhä Igloos

Located at the heart of Pyhä, these ecological and low energy igloos have first class scandinavian interior. Before you retire for the night you can visit sauna and enjoy the outdoor hot tub. After, you’ll be able to admire the arctic sky from the comfort of an electric adjustable bed, wrapped in high-quality bed linens.

See more>>

Aurora Alert watches the sky for you

Northern Lights on your bucket list? With Aurora Alert Realtime, no more missed opportunities.

Pyhä-Luosto offers a local, real-time, free-of-charge alert system for all the visitors in the area. The system works in smart phones and tablets.

Visitors will be able to access the system via mobile data connection or using free Wi-Fi networks offered by local businesses.

Aurora Alert Realtime is operating again from 1.9.2019.

Ice climbing

You haven't lived untill you have hacked your ax into the ice and climbed up!

Try this adventurous sport in Tajukangas ice fall in Pyhä, located, just a reindeer’s leap away from the slopes. This activity suits for evry skill level, even for kids.

Ice climbing - activity provider, Bliss Adventure>>

Ice karting

Feel the speed and find your inner Kimi Räikkönen! Ice Karting allows everyone 15 years or older to drive and compete with similar karts. The program consists of practice, qualifying and race, just like in Formula 1.

Ice karting- activity provider, Pyhä Safaris>>

Horseback riding to the peak of Pyhä

This 6 hour adventure starts by saddeling your horse, for this activity is good to have some previous riding experience. Once achieving the top you will be rewarded with amazing views and tasty lunch.

Horse back riding aciticities, activity provider, Lucky Ranch>>

Overnight husky safari to wilderness

You are the captain of your own husky sledge! You will be driving and looking after your own team of dogs. With the assistance of your guide you will travel to a wilderness hut. Cabin has only basic facilities so you get to participate for to the chores of the cabin.

This activity is suitable for adults and children over 15 years.

Activity provider Lapland Safaris>>

Pyhä Express takes you to the top!

Winter & Summer:

PyhäExpress, 6-seater chairlift with see-through cover is a fast and comfortable way to get up on top of the fell with or without skis. Pyhä Express- chairlift is operates during winter and summer (starting from mid-summer).

At the top you get to admire the twelve peak fell chain of the Pyhä-Luosto national park, and on a clear day you can see all the way to Russia. You can also walk you way back and take in the beautiful scenery. The way back is not challenging but is a bit steep.

Like waffels?

If yes, we recommend to visit restaurant Tsokka, located at the top of Pyhä fell. Their delicious waffles with jam made of local berries are something you must definitely try.

Kairosmaja sauna and swim in the Pyhäjärvi lake

Experience the Finnish tradition - have a sauna and dip in the lake. You feel totally refreshed!

At Kairosmaja in Pyhä is possible to have this experience. The sauna has public opening hours daily during 15-17 o’ clock and on Wednesdays until 19’ o clock. During winter there is a possibility to take a dip in a hole in the ice. During summer there is possibility to swim in the lake. The smoke sauna is available during summer.

See more information about sauna in Kairosmaja>>