Pyhä-Luosto Film friendly destination

Productions of feature films, commercials and tv projects.


Compact Pyhä resort is located in the municipality of Pelkosenniemi in the heart of Lapland. Pyhä has great looking fells, beautiful scenery and rich forest-sami history that dates back to 1620. In Pyhä there is one hote, two cabin booking agencies, apartments, restaurants,grocery shop and safari company.

Luosto resort is located 25 km from Pyhä is small, authentic resort located in the municipality of Sodankylä. Luosto is know for it's tradititional log wood cabins and centuries old forest's. Luosto has two hotels, one cabin booking agency, one restaurant, grocerie shop and safari companies.

Special - good to know:

Pyhä and Luosto resort's are connected by Pyhä-Luosto nationalpark. Special features of the National Park are steep slopes, deep ravines, separating fell tops from one another, rugged quartzite quarries and scree patches. The National Park's deepest ravine is Isokuru, which is 220 metres deep and one of the area's most important sights.

Amethyst, a rare violet coloured see-through form of quartz has been found at Lampivaara in Luosto. Gathering amethyst gems from the National Park is forbidden except from the Amethyst Mine. The Lampivaari Amethyst Mine is a sectioned off area within Pyhä-Luosto National Park and is one of the only jewel mines in the world where visitors are permitted.

Areas services for film & av- groups:

Pyhä-Luosto has two reindeer farms: Reindeer Farm Jaakkola and Reindeer Park Kopara. There is also husky safari farm called Arctic Husky Farm, located in close vicinity of Reindeer Park Kopara.

Companies in the area which are Film Friendly certified:

Luosto Catering Kerttuli: catering, able to arrange meals for 500 people.
Lapland Safaris Luosto: clothing rental, destination management, snowmobile rental, transportation. Other services: guide, location manager, location scout, stuntman
Lucky Ranch: guide, location scout, producer, stuntman
•E. Airas Tapahtumat & Tuotanto: destination management, film/tv/video production
Santas Hotel Aurora, Luosto
Pyhä-Luosto Resort associaton: local resort associaton, which can help productions in different phases of production and planning. Good local knowledge of the area and different services.