Sustainable tourism

On the trail of sustainable tourism in Pyhä-Luosto

Working towards sustainable tourism through the Green DMN quality development project.

Since the region of Pyhä-Luosto joined the Green Destination Management Net (Green DMN) program in autumn 2008, a concerted effort has been made to push sustainable tourism and employ greener practices. The entire region of Pyhä-Luosto is involved in the quality development program, which is being driven by nine companies from the Green DMN Quality Team.

Through the quality development program, an environmental program was drawn up for the Pyhä-Luosto region. The priorities of the environment program are: energy, transport, waste management, construction and conservation.

In the Pyhä-Luosto region, you can enjoy the beauty of the fells in the care of responsible travel companies. Activities have been actively developed in the region to ensure that energy, heat and water are sourced and consumed as efficiently as possible and to aid conservation. Regarding waste management, the most important issue is to reduce the overall level of waste produced and continually develop the recycling system.

Over the years, the region’s team of businesses has come to the conclusion, as perhaps have you at home, that environmental conservation is achieved through many small acts. How easy is it to calculate the timing of your ski circuit so that the sauna's on for even just half an hour less each day? It’s also easy to put rubbish in the right bin or to take small waste metal to the recycling bin instead of letting it be transported down to the rubbish dump. Having a quick shower before taking a plunge into the local swimming pool will help reduce the need to use pool-cleaning chemicals.

Welcome to Pyhä-Luosto, where you’ll be able to enjoy a unique natural landscape for decades to come!