Mountaineering ABC


Learning safely the basic techniques required to join a mountain climbing trip.

Activity information:

  • Module 1 or 2: €139 / person, €169 / person from Luosto
  • The Complete Module: €219 / person, €249 / person from Luosto
  • Duration: 4 to 8 hours depending on the module
  • Number of participants: 2-12
  • Season: December–April
  • Bookings: As per agreement

Techniques learned: use of ice axes, crampons, jumar ascenders, harness, gaiters. How to function as a rope team member.

  1. Equipment & rehearsal module: Ice axe and crampons techniques, also jumar ascenders and basic rope management.
  2. Theory module: Acute Mountains Sickness and its prevention, mountain weather, nutrition and hydrating, clothing and equipment. Other dangers in the mountains and how to avoid them.

The Complete Module: the both above, a full day course.

Client will learn the safe techniques for using ice axe, crampons, climbing rope, also self-arrest. Also learning the about the risks and how to minimize it. Get’s to feel some of the aspects of mountaineering in mainly real-like conditions. Duration 8 hours (with meal break, not included in the price).