Charter transfer K. Tervola Ky

Our busses are well equipped with toilet, videos, air condition, cell phone, tables, refrigator, coffee maker, cd player and catering service based on your wishes.

Our charter coaches operates in Lapland. Offices are located in Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi.

Sustainable transfers with Charter Transfer K.Tervola Ky

  • Our drivers control their driving to the valid speed limits.
  • Economical driving technology provided by the vehicles is used during transfers.
  • We avoid idling cars while waiting for customers or in any other circumstances.
  • Our vehicles use sulfur-free fuels and HVO fuel whenever possible.
  • We always first offer a vehicle based on the number of clients in order to avoid driving in oversized vehicles.
  • Our drivers regularly attend proactive and economical driving training.
  • When buying new vehicles, we emphasize environmental friendliness and cost efficiency.