Santa's Hotel Aurora Glass Igloos

10 Glass igloos
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Santa's Hotel Aurora's glass igloos located near the Pyhä-Luosto national park

Santa's Hotel Aurora has 10 entirely new kind, lavishly appointed glass igloos in Luosto. Rooms have been introduced in February 2015.

Santa's Hotels’ glass igloos are intended for year-round use. The new glass-roofed, arctic view rooms offer a whole new opportunity to experience Lapland, the ever-changing nature by bringing it closer than ever.

Staying in these rooms a unique landscape of Luosto presents itself outside the windows every day in a new way. Northern lights, midnight sun, autumn colors and winter polar night are nearby and you can experience them while enjoying the comforts of a hotel room. Rooms are focused on quality and comfort. The decor has charming details such as reindeer skins. Glass igloos are not really igloo shaped, but Lappish hut style which are better suited to Lapland.

All of Santa's Hotels’ glass rooms have fully equipped bathroom, toilet and shower. Just a few steps away from the glass igloos are Santa's Hotel Aurora's other services, such as reception, breakfast and other catering services. Santa's Hotel Aurora has 30 atmospheric hotel rooms, all with bath, in addition to glass igloos.