Сафари на оленях и посещения ферм

Reindeer safaris and farm visits in Pyhä-Luosto area

Reindeer and farm activities provide you a great insight into the life of people in Northern Finland. There are 2 reindeer farms in Pyhä-Luosto. Reindeer Park Kopara is located in between of Pyhä and Luosto and Luosto's Reindeer Farm Jaakkola 10 kilometres from Luosto to Sodankylä direction.


Reindeer Farm Jaakkola is open during summer on request. Visit a real reindeer farm and experience the everyday life of an indigenous Sámi reindeer herder. They organize farm visits and Lappish kota shelter dining. Tel. +358 400 920 918.
Reindeer Park Kopara is closed during summer.


You can visit the reindeer farms on your own during the opening hours of the farm or take part in the organized trips with one of the safaris companies in the area.