Сауна и купание в проруби

Sauna and ice swimming in Pyhä-Luosto

Sauna & ice swimming in Pyhä-Luosto is available in Kairosmaja and in Karu Lodge. The sauna in Kairosmaja has public opening hours daily during 16:30-17:30 o’ clock and on Wednesdays 16:30-19’ o clock. In the sauna are different sections with changing rooms and saunas for women and men. Sauna is alcohol free and there is no use of “vasta”. Own swimsuits. Price: 9€/ person during public opening hours. Private groups need to book separately.

The smoke sauna in Kairosmaja is available during summer. Smoked sauna will be heated once a week (Wednesdays 16:30-19 o'clock). Price for smoked sauna: 1,5 hour, 15€/person, 10€/ under 16 years.

Ask for more information from hotel receptions and the activity companies in the area.

Public beaches during summer in Pyhä and Luosto

In Luosto the public beach, Aarnilampi, is located about 2 kilometer from Luosto centre towards Pyhä. Beach has changing booths.

In Pyhä the public beach is located few kilometers from Pyhä centre towards Pyhäjärvi village. Beach has changing booths. Parking by side the road.