Аметистовая шахта

At the top of Lampivaara
Amethyst pendolino
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Surrounded by Pyhä-Luosto national park

Amethyst mine on top of Lampivaara hill is located in the immediate vicinity of the Luosto recreation centre, in the middle of Lapland’s beautiful landscape.

The sustainable Lampivaara Amethyst mine is possibly the only gemstone mine in the world that welcomes visitors. The mine at the top of the hill introduces you to the fascinating world of gemstones.You will hear stories told for millennia, and get to dig for your own lucky amethyst, that has waited 2000 million years to be found.

Tickets can be purchased from Lampivaara Café before the tour.


Guided tour at Mine includes fresh beverage, interesting stories about geology and history, the tales of amethyst and digging your own lucky amethyst stone from digging area. 

In summer you will get there by hiking through the ancient Luosto forest. You can also order transportation from Amethyst Shop in the center of Luosto. Amethyst Mine is located in the National Park and private motoring is not allowed. Taxis and charter coaches may bring visitors to Mine by agreement.


Amethyst Mine is also open during winter season and guided visits are arranged daily Monday – Saturday (on Sundays we are closed). In winter time there are no open roads to Lampivaara and Amethyst Mine, but you may travel across snowy forests in our special winter vehicle, Amethyst Pendolino. You can start your visit from the center of Luosto, or from Ukko-Luosto parking lot (2,5 km from center). You can also ski or make winter hiking up to Lampivaara Café and jump into Pendolino from there.


Visit to Lampivaara Amethyst Mine by car at 11:30 - 13:25
JEWELS OF LAPLAND from LUOSTO CENTRE - StandBy tour to the Amethyst Mine at 11:10
JEWELS OF LAPLAND from UKKO-LUOSTO - StandBy tour to the Amethyst Mine at 11:30
JEWELS OF LAPLAND from UKKO-LUOSTO - StandBy tour to the Amethyst Mine at 14:30
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