Lapland Hotels Luostotunturi restaurants

RUMPU bar close to hotel reception and main entrance.This is where you mee all friends of Luosto coming and going places. Open daily 11 - 22.

BISTRO is serving the tasteful delicacies that Lapland Hotels master chef Tero Mäntykangas has created.A la Carte menu is filled with tastes of Lapland. Kitchen is open daily 12 - 21:30. Please check menu here .

TUNTURI is our spacious buffet restaurant full of natural light from the big windows facing the UkkoLuosto fell.In Tunturi we serve breakfasts and buffet dinners. Also in the springtime high season we have some bands playing in Tunturi.

PARVI restaurant is perfect for private occations! There are appr. 80 seats - just perfect for birthdays, weddings etc parties.Please ask from our sales for more details for your special party.

KELO restaurant meaning SilverPine Log restaurtant with fire burning in the big fireplace, silver pine logs shimmering.. this place has a unique atmosphere you can't find anywhere else! We can have almost 300 persons in enjoying this magnificent place. During winter spring weeks we organize theme dinner buffets twice a week.

KARHU NightclubThe best destination for late-night revellers in Luosto is Nightclub Karhu where you can have fun and dance the night away, in the spring season until four o’clock in the morning .